Concept – Gaming and Crypto

Gamer’s Gold is built to give gamers a higher thrill. If you have been in a game for a while, it can become dull and boring. Our plan is to add more competition in to the game. Skill-based gaming where there is a stake on the table.

We are building on two megatrends. Gaming and Crypto.

This is because in a few years, gaming will no longer just be a hobby. It will be something that people do for a living. We already see this with the gaming tournaments and with streamers making a lot of money on this.
In a world of change, the option for being a pro in gaming will be a new normal in a few years. When the economic system will be decentralized and go crypto, we will understand why it is much better to own your currencies than the centralized version we have now.
Having fun in games is a way of living, and it will be a way of giving to others. Gamer’s Gold is a company that will bring gamification in to more sectors, but first we will go for gaming as a natural ecosystem where we have been for years.

We will create a new category. Gaming As A Service.
The whole gaming ecosystem needs their own tokenomics. Gamification. NFT´s. Play to earn. And all the other options we provide will be off the shelves. The gaming industry can benefit from these options. Decentralization in the gaming economy can give us some fascinating products in the future.